Our Address: 6F Medical Research Building,Kaohsiung Medical University,100,Shih-Chuan 1st Road,Kaohsiung,80708,Taiwan

Orthopedic Research Center in Kaohsiung Medical University

"Orthopedic Research Center" was established in 1990s, is a school-wide cross-field research center. The research team conducted research on the pathogenesis of bone, joint, muscle and other related diseases and the development of therapeutic drugs and medical devices in order to achieve the purpose of disease prevention and treatment. The main purpose of Orthopaedic Research Center is to integrate the manpower and resources of the school's orthopedics and related medical researchers in order to research and develop innovative researches, including the etiology and prevention and treatment of bone and joint diseases, research and development of medicines and medical materials used in bone regeneration medicine, joint regenerative medicine or oral, Muscle, ligament regeneration medicine; provide osteology, osteobiology, stem cell biology, genetic engineering, tissue engineering teaching and training of young scholars.



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